The following guides are written to document the actual workflow and tools that were used to prototype the Vespucci ecosystem. There are several aims with respect to publishing this material including:

  1. encourage emerging hobbyists and tinkerers to explore and develop hardware by providing comprehensive tutorials;
  2. provide a realistic and historical view of how this project progressed;
  3. save documentation on how things are done so that everything doesn’t need to be relearned several months from now!

The guides will be produced in step with the project as it progresses, which means that the focus of the guides will gradually change over time. The expected evolution is as follows:

  1. Schematics
  2. PCB Assembly
  3. PCB Testing
  4. PCB Firmware
  5. System Integration Testing
  6. Database Deployment
  7. User Interface Development
  8. Diagnostic Development and Miniaturization